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-- ORDERS ARE OPEN -- As a result of the pandemic, there will be some unavoidable delays. We are constantly working to mitigate these delays as soon as possible -
-- ORDERS ARE OPEN -- As a result of the pandemic, there will be unavoidable delays. We are constantly working to mitigate these delays as soon as possible -

USB Interface Computer Transfer Cable Cord for Canon PowerShot Digital Cameras, Replaces Canon Interface Cable IFC-400PCU, IFC-300PCU and IFC-200PCU for Canon PowerShot ELPH 180, 190 and More

R 551

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  • USE and TRADEMARK: This cable replaces Canon Interface Cable IFC-400PCU, IFC-300PCU and IFC-200PCU. This sync interface cable is used for download images from the Canon PowerShot cameras to the USB port on your computer. Mac & PC Compatible. This cable is compatible with most PowerShot A, D, E, ELPH, G, S, SD and SX Series cameras. See compatible models below. TRADEMARK: Use ienza trademark without the prior written consent of ienza, LLC. constitutes trademark infringement.
  • PowerShot ELPH and SD Series Compatibility: ELPH 100 HS, ELPH 110 HS, ELPH 115 IS, ELPH 130, ELPH 135, ELPH 140 IS, ELPH 150 IS, ELPH 160, ELPH 170 IS, ELPH 180 IS, ELPH 190 IS, ELPH 300 HS, ELPH 310 HS, ELPH 320 HS, ELPH 330 HS, ELPH 340 HS, ELPH 350 HS, ELPH 360 HS, ELPH 500 HS, ELPH 510 HS, ELPH 520 HS, ELPH 530 HS, SD10, SD100, SD110, SD1100 IS, SD1200 IS, SD1300 IS, SD1400 IS, SD20, SD200, SD30, SD300, SD3500 IS, ELPH SD40, SD400, SD4000 IS, SD430, SD450, SD4500 IS HS, SD500, SD550, SD600
  • PowerShot SD and SX Series Compatibility: SD630, SD700 IS, SD750, SD770 IS, SD780 IS, SD790 IS, SD800 IS, SD850 IS, SD870 IS, SD880 IS, SD890 IS, SD900, SD940 IS, SD950 IS, SD960 IS, SD970 IS, SD980 IS, SD990 IS , SX1 IS, SX10 IS, SX 100 IS, SX130 IS, SX150 IS, SX160 IS, SX170 IS, SX20 IS, SX200 IS, SX210 IS, SX230 HS, SX260 HS, SX270 HS, SX280 HS, SX30 IS, SX40 HS, SX400 IS, SX410 IS, SX420 IS, SX50 HS, SX500 IS, SX510 HS, SX520 HS, SX530 HS, SX540 HS, SX60 HS, SX600 HS, SX610 HS, SX700 HS
  • PowerShot A, D, E, G, S and SX Series Compatibility: SX710 HS, A10 , A100, A1000 IS, A1100 IS, A1200, A1300, A1400 , A20 , A200 , A2000 IS , A2100 IS , A2200 , A2300 , A2400 IS , A2500 , A2600 , A300 , A3000 IS , A310 , A3100 IS , A3300 IS , A3400 IS , A3500 IS , A400 , A4000 IS , A470 , A480 , A490 , A495 , A510 , A520 , A580 , A60 , A650 IS , A70 , A720 IS , A75 , A80 , A800 , A810 , A85 , A95, D10, D20, D30, E1, G1 X Mark II, G10, G11, G12, G15, G16, G3, G5, G6, G7X, G9, Pro1, S1 IS, S10, S10
  • PowerShot S Series Compatibility: S100, S110, S110 ELPH, S120, S2 IS, S20, S200, S230, S3 IS, S30, S300, S330, S40, S400, S45, S5 IS, S50, S500, S500, S60, S70, S80, S90, S95… IMPORTANT NOTE: This is NOT compatible with PowerShot G7X Mark II, G9 X, G9 X Mark II, SX620 HS, SX720 HS, SX730 HS. Also known as: 1. usb cable for canon powershot elph 180 digital camera, 2. canon powershot elph 190 accessories, 3. canon usb cable for camera