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-- ORDERS ARE OPEN -- As a result of the pandemic, there will be some unavoidable delays. We are constantly working to mitigate these delays as soon as possible -
-- ORDERS ARE OPEN -- As a result of the pandemic, there will be unavoidable delays. We are constantly working to mitigate these delays as soon as possible -

Swift S304 20X/40X/80X Magnification Binocular Stereo Microscope, with Wide-field 10X and 20X Eyepieces, Tungsten Lighting, Fixed Pillar Stand

R 6,216

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  • A powerful stereo microscope that magnifies tiny surfaces by 20-80X; perfect for electronics and circuit board repairs, engraving, small specimen dissection, gemology, and hobbies like coin- or stamp-collecting that require clear, detailed viewing of solid objects
  • Interchangeable wide-field 10X and 20X eyepieces with interpupillary adjustment are mounted on a binocular head fixed at an ergonomic 45 degree angle to reduce eye and neck-strain
  • Versatile 2X and 4X objective lenses give you full control over the level of magnification you need
  • Appropriate illumination for all situations; built-in incident (upper) and transmitted (lower) tungsten lights allow you to choose between incident illumination shining down on the specimen or transmitted illumination shining up through the frosted stage plate
  • Reversible black/white stage plate included, in addition to the standard frosted glass plate, for high contrast viewing

Read more Designed to magnify surface details on solid objects, the Swift S304 Binocular Stereo Microscope is perfectly suited for repairing electronics and circuit boards, examining minute details on collectible hobby items, jewelry engraving, small specimen dissection, and more. Say goodbye to squinting with versatile magnification settings offered by interchangeable pairs of wide-field 10X and 20X eyepieces coupled with the 2X or 4X objective lens to offer an impressive 20X-40X-80X range. The upper tungsten bulb provides top-down illumination for viewing solid specimens while the lower bulb shines through the frosted glass plate to provide bottom-up back-lighting for clear objects. Swap out the glass plate for the black/white stage plate (included) for times when you need higher contrast between the specimen and the background. What can you see with it? Stereo microscopes offer detailed views of solid objects, including coins, gems, or circuit boards. (For viewing transparent slide specimens, use a compound microscope.) 20X, 40X, and 80X Magnification Magnification up to 80X for work with: circuit boardssmall electronicsjewelry engraving or repairdental moldssmall specimen dissectionhobbyist collectibles like stamps, coins, and more! PACKING LIST : One Binocular Microscope with Forward Pillar Stand, Top & Bottom Lights and 2X & 4X ObjectivesOne Pair of 10X Widefield EyepiecesOne Pair of 20X Widefield EyepiecesOne Frosted Glass PlateOne Plastic PlateOne Wrench for Focusing Tension AdjustmentOne Pair of Eye-guardsOne Pair of ClipsOne Spare BulbOne Dust CoverOne User's Manual S308 S303 S41 S7 Binocular S7 Trinocular Type of Microscope stereo microscope stereo microscope stereo microscope stereo microscope stereo microscope Eyepieces WF10X, WF20X WF10X WF10X, WF20X WF10X WF10X Objectives 2X and 4X 1X and 3X 1X 0.7X-4.5X (0.5X 1.0X Additional Objective Lenses) 0.7X-4.5X zoom Magnification Power 20X, 40X, 80X 10X, 30X 10X, 20X 7X-45X continuous, 5X and 10X 7X-45X continuous Metal body ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ Eyepiece Camera 2MP camera Illumination Upper and bottom 12V/10W tungsten lights Upper and bottom 12V/10W tungsten lights Two flexible 1W LED lights 56-bulb LED ringlight included 56-bulb LED ringlight included

  • Product Dimensions: 10 x 6 x 13 inches
  • Item Weight: 15.9 pounds
  • Shipping Weight: 15.9 pounds
  • Item model number: S304-20-T