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-- ORDERS ARE OPEN -- As a result of the pandemic, there will be some unavoidable delays. We are constantly working to mitigate these delays as soon as possible -
-- ORDERS ARE OPEN -- As a result of the pandemic, there will be unavoidable delays. We are constantly working to mitigate these delays as soon as possible -

ProShot Touch Waterproof and GoPro Mountable Case for iPhone 7 and 8

R 3,383

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  • Waterproof down to 50 feet. *12 month iPhone Protection Guarantee Included*
  • Wide Angle Lens Included (Fish Eye Lens Sold Separately)
  • Free 'ProShotCase' Camera App Included *MUST USE this app to take photos & videos underwater. iPhone screen will not work normally when wet.*
  • Compatible with EVERY GoPro Mount!
  • *Assistive Touch Required for Users with Screen Protectors. Instructions Provided*

KEY FEATURES of the ProShotCase: Waterproof down to 50 feet You can now take your iPhone and ProShotCase down to 50 feet, to capture all your underwater adventures. Free Underwater Photography App To take photos and videos underwater with your ProShotCase, you MUST use our free 'ProShotCase' camera app. No touchscreen will work when it is wet. Our 'ProShotCase' app will change your phone's volume buttons into camera controls! Please turn on "underwater mode" in your ProShotCase app to disable your touchscreen when in the water. You can use your phone, touchscreen, and camera app as normal when you're not underwater! Mountable All ProShotCases are compatible with all action camera mounts (including all of GoPro's mounts). Mount your phone to your chest for hands free filming while skiing, kayaking, or biking. Attach a floating hand grip to your ProShotCase for underwater adventures! 12-Month iPhone Protection ProShotCase includes a 12-month Protection on all of their products, along with the iPhones that go in them. If your case breaks in any way during the first 12 months, ProShot will send you a free replacement case. If your iPhone is damaged due to a defective ProShotCase, they will replace/reimburse you for a new iPhone. Visit their website for more details on their 12-Month iPhone and ProShot Protection. Read more For Underwater Photography, PLEASE READ: 'ProShotCase' Underwater Camera App TIPS: Open your 'ProShotCase' camera app BEFORE taking your iPhone & ProShotCase into the water 'Volume Down' button = switch between camera modes 'Volume Up' button = take pic/start & stop video 'Underwater Mode' = disables your touchscreen for optimal underwater photography 'Sleep Mode' = lets you turn your phone on & off underwater, conserving your phone's battery 'Timer Mode" = great for taking delayed photos, especially if using an extendable pole mount 'Settings' section = allows you to edit which camera modes are available in your camera window Take videos of the underwater world and then take a screenshot of your video- works very well! You MUST download & use our FREE 'ProShotCase' CAMERA APP to take UNDERWATER PHOTOS & VIDEOS! Have you ever tried using your phone's touchscreen when it's wet? It doesn't work! When you bring your ProShotCase underwater, your iPhone's touchscreen will not work and you will not be able to take photos and videos using your normal camera app. You can use your iPhone as normal when not underwater. Before you bring your iPhone and ProShotCase underwater, make sure you have your 'ProShotCase' camera app open, and for best results please also turn on 'Underwater Mode' in the app. When you turn on 'Underwater Mode' in your ProShotCase app, this will disable your touchscreen (besides the "Settings" icon), and allow for a very smooth underwater filming experience. Touchscreens do not work when they are wet. However, they are still able to react inconsistently to fingers and light movement on the screen when underwater (ie. water)- this can be frustrating. Luckily we have a solution! Read more Top 5 tips for Underwater Photography Get CLOSE to your subject -- Getting close to your subject (within 2 feet) minimizes the amount of water you're shooting through, which improves the color, saturation, and contrast of your photos.Have Patience -- The place where you first see your subject may not be the best place from which to take the best shot. When you think you have "the shot," take one more.Shoot UP at your subject-- Getting down at eye level (or lower) with a subject helps you separate the subject from some of the distracting background environment.Take Vertical photos, as well as Horizontal -- Reef scenes are often best portrayed vertically, and include the surface of the water. Next time you shoot a wide-angle reef scene, try both ways, and see which you prefer!Utilize natural sunlight -- For the best underwater photos while starting out, stay shallow, where the light from the sun penetrates the most. Even better, shoot while the sun is directly overhead for the best natural lighting! Read more What will YOU capture? Use the camera you already know and love! Instantly access and share your photos. Everywhere is Possible Read more

    Size: iPhone 7 and 8
    Brand: Pro Shot
    MPN: Ps2_i7
    UPC: 854159007027
    EAN: 0854159007027
  • Package Dimensions: 7.3 x 5.5 x 1.8 inches
  • Item Weight: 3.52 ounces
  • Shipping Weight: 3.52 ounces
  • Item model number: Ps2_i7