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-- ORDERS ARE OPEN -- As a result of the pandemic, there will be some unavoidable delays. We are constantly working to mitigate these delays as soon as possible -
-- ORDERS ARE OPEN -- As a result of the pandemic, there will be unavoidable delays. We are constantly working to mitigate these delays as soon as possible -

NVX Professional Grade 100% Copper 4-Gauge Car Amp Install Kit w/ 2-Channel RCA, Up to 1000 Watts RMS [XKIT42] 2-Channels

by NVX
R 3,143

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  • COMPLETE AMPLIFIER INSTALLATION KIT: 4 Gauge 2-Channel X-Series that gives you all the things you need in one purchase
  • NICKEL-PLATED SPADE CONNECTORS: Nickel-plated that makes it durable and produce good signal transfer
  • 100% OXYGEN FREE COPPER WIRE: NVX wire is 100% oxygen free, silver tinned copper that gives you better sound quality and run in maximum efficiency
  • FLEXIBLE AND SHIELDED WIRE: A wire that can tolerate heat, vibration and other rough conditions
  • ENVYFLEX INSULATION: With this insulation material, the wire prevents electrocution, corrosion and damage to components within your car

Power Up With NVX! NVX is proud to introduce the XKIT42 Complete 2-Channel 4 Gauge Amplifier Installation Kit. This package includes everything you'll need to get your amp powered-up and running properly. NVX engineers chose to utilize top-quality materials throughout the kit, including true 100% oxygen-free, silver-tinned copper amp power, ground, 2-channel RCA and speaker wire. This full copper wire helps prevent signal and power loss through the entire audio system, allowing your amplifier & components to operate to their fullest. The ultra-durable, EnvyFlex outer jacket makes installation & routing of the cable a breeze.   NVX XKIT42 Professional Grade Amplifier Kit Let's Power Up! Everyone needs a good sidekick, and your amplifier is no exception. To give your amplifier the power and support it needs, there is no better choice than NVX. When designing our amp kits, we had just three things in mind – durability, usability, and performance. We think our kits look great, and you won’t find the silly marketing gimmicks others have become infamous for. When you use NVX, you will have the confidence of knowing you are using the best amplifier installation kit available. Tough, Rugged Wire NVX amp kits are built using materials that are not only of the highest quality, but also specifically engineered to provide optimal performance in the harsh vehicle environment. The durable EnvyFlex jacket offers superior flexibility and routing options, all while keeping the wire properly insulated. For added protection against chafing, the wire is terminated with 6 feet of nylon braided jacketing. Maximum Power Transfer The power & ground wire in your NVX amp kit is constructed with Silver-Tinned 100% Oxygen-Free Copper. By using these pure, highly conductive materials, we ensure that our amp kits can transfer massive amounts of power from the battery to your amplifier without overheating. Solid Connections The fuse holder & distribution blocks are made of satin chrome-plated brass, which easily tolerates the heat & vibration in the engine bay without corroding. The wires are held tightly by strong hex-head set screws, while the durable ABS cover insulates the terminals & prevents short-circuits. All spade terminals and set screws are nickel-plated for maximum power transfer. 20 ft. (6.1 meters) Frosted Blue 4 gauge main power wire with seamless crimp ring terminal 3 ft. (.91 meters) Frosted Black 4 gauge main ground wire with seamless crimp ring terminal 20 ft. (6.1 meters) Clear 18 gauge remote lead wire 40 ft. (12.2 meters) Frosted Black/Blue 16 gauge speaker wire One 16 ft. (5 meters) 2-channel twisted construction RCA interconnect Cable One XMANL04 ANL/Mini-ANL fuse holder with 100 amp Mini-ANL fuse One black rubber firewall grommet Two 4 gauge nickel-plated spade terminals Four 18 Gauge Spade terminal Two 18 Gauge Red butt connectors Four 16 gauge quick disconnects Five 16 Gauge Nickel Plated spade terminals Ten 6" black zip ties THE NVX ADVANTAGE: Flexibility: NVX stranded wire is extremely tolerant of the rough conditions in vehicles and compensates for vibration, heat expansion and flexibility. This flexible but well shielded wire is crucial for getting through all of the nooks and passage ways within the cramped confines of vehicle interiors.   Cable Thickness: The thickness of the actual wire, not the insulation, is critical when it comes to transferring the extraordinary current of your audio system. With hundreds of strands of wire in one cable you get an increased current flow and a higher amperage carrying capacity with a reduced cable size. Insulation Material: EnvyFlex insulation hinders electric current from exiting the wire prematurely which prevents electrocution and damage to components within the vehicle. Additionally, the insulation maintains the flexibility of the wire while preventing corrosion and damage in the hostile vehicle environment.   Bundled Copper Wires: In an attempt to beef up their wires, some manufactures use all aluminum or mix copper and aluminum to give the appearance of a quality cable. NVX wire is 100% oxygen free, silver tinned copper which reduces corrosion, increases current transfer, and won’t discolor the insulation of the wire.   Weight: NVX wire is hefty and strong, but not overly shielded to increase its weight. A quality cable just feels right with a perfect size to weight ratio that leaves it easy to handle but rugged enough to perform its duties.

    Style: 2-Channels
    Brand: NVX
    MPN: XKIT42
    UPC: 818060010071
    EAN: 0818060010071
  • Part Number: XKIT42
  • Item Weight: 6.3 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 11.8 x 9.7 x 2 inches
  • Item model number: XKIT42
  • Style: 2-Channels
  • Item Package Quantity: 1
  • Batteries Included?: No
  • Batteries Required?: No
  • Shipping Weight: 6.3 pounds
  • Date First Available: August 8, 2012