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-- ORDERS ARE OPEN -- As a result of the pandemic, there will be some unavoidable delays. We are constantly working to mitigate these delays as soon as possible -
-- ORDERS ARE OPEN -- As a result of the pandemic, there will be unavoidable delays. We are constantly working to mitigate these delays as soon as possible -

New Printhead Print Head For Zebra GX420D GK420D ZP450 ZP550 ZP505 ZP500 Printer 203dpi PN 105934-037

R 1,619

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  • Thermal printhead for Zebra GK420d GX420d ZP450 ZP500 ZP505 direct thermal printers, 203dpi, PN 105934-037, genuine new parts
  • Fit for GK420d label printers: GK42-202510-000 (also known as ZP450 and ZP505), GK42-202210-000, GK42-202211-000, GK42-202220-000, GK42-202520-000, GK42-202510-00GA, GK42-202221-000, GK42-202210-00GA, GK42-200211-000, GK42-200210-000, GK42-200111-000, GK42-200110-000, GK42-202511-000, GK42-202590-000, GK42-202540-000, GK42-202270-000, GK42-202240-000, GK42-202210-00DE, GK42-200220-000, GK42-200210-0GA, GK42-200120-000, GK42-200110-0GA
  • Fit for GX420d label printers: GX42-202410-000, GX42-202512-000, GX42-202411-000, GX42-202412-000, GX42-202511-000, GX42-202510-000, GX42-202510-150, GX42-202810-150, GX42-202810-000, GX42-202410-150, GX42-202712-000, GX42-202522-000, GX42-202412-006M, GX42-201812-000, GX42-201811-100, GX42-201810-000, GX42-201712-000, GX42-201711-000, GX42-201710-000, GX42-200420-000, GX42-200412-000, GX42-200411-000, GX42-200410-100, GX42-200410-050, GX42-200410-040, GX42-200410-000, GX42-200312-000, GX
  • Note: this printhead fits GK420d and GX420d (direct thermal) only, not fit for GK420t and GX420t (thermal transfer). Please click "Ctrl+F", type in your printer part number and search it in this page to check whether this printhead fits it.
  • Worry Free Purchase: 30 days return policy. Any question before purchase or problem during using, just feel free to contact Partshe for technical support.

Thermal Printhead for Zebra GK420d GX420d Direct Thermal Printers, PN 105934-037Note: NOT fit for GK420t and GX420t printers. Please double check your printer part number before purchase.GX420d printer part number: GK42-202510-000 (also known as ZP450 and ZP505) GK42-202210-000 GK42-202211-000 GK42-202220-000 GK42-202520-000 GK42-202510-00GA GK42-202221-000 GK42-202210-00GA GK42-200211-000 GK42-200210-000 GK42-200111-000 GK42-200110-000 GK42-202511-000 GK42-202590-000 GK42-202540-000 GK42-202270-000 GK42-202240-000 GK42-202210-00DE GK42-200220-000 GK42-200210-0GA GK42-200120-000 GK42-200110-0GAGX420d printer part number: GX42-202410-000 GX42-202512-000 GX42-202411-000 GX42-202412-000 GX42-202511-000 GX42-202510-000 GX42-202510-150 GX42-202810-150 GX42-202810-000 GX42-202410-150 GX42-202712-000 GX42-202522-000 GX42-202412-006M GX42-201812-000 GX42-201811-100 GX42-201810-000 GX42-201712-000 GX42-201711-000 GX42-201710-000 GX42-200420-000 GX42-200412-000 GX42-200411-000 GX42-200410-100 GX42-200410-050 GX42-200410-040 GX42-200410-000 GX42-200312-000 GX42-200311-050 GX42-200311-040 GX42-200311-000 GX42-200310-100 GX42-200310-050 GX42-200310-000 GX42-202710-150 GX42-202710-000 GX42-202812-000 GX42-202811-000 GX42-202711-000 GX42-202511-150 GX42-202811-100 GX42-202810-050 GX42-202710-100 GX42-202710-050 GX42-202710-050 GX42-202521-000 GX42-202512-050 GX42-202511-050 GX42-202510-100 GX42-202510-050 GX42-202482-000 GX42-202472-000 GX42-202422-000 GX42-202420-000 GX42-202412-100 GX42-202411-100 GX42-202411-050 GX42-202410-10AP GX42-202410-100 GX42-202410-050 GX42-200421-000

  • Package Dimensions: 5.6 x 4 x 0.7 inches
  • Item Weight: 0.96 ounces
  • Shipping Weight: 0.96 ounces