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Guanshan WPLN4232 PMPN4174 Rapid Battery NO-IMPRES Charger Set for Motorola XPR7550 XPR7350 XPR6550 XPR6500 XPR6350 XPR3500 APX4000 DP3601 DP4600 Radio

R 1,202

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  • For Motorola WPLN4232 PMPN4174 Ni-MH Ni-CD Li-ion Battery Charger Base With Cord(Cables) and Power Supply(Adaptor).
  • Compatible with Motorola APX 4000 APX 3000 APX 2000 APX 1000 SRX2200 MTR2000 MTP3000
  • XPR 7580e XPR 7580 XPR 7550e XPR 7550 XPR 7380e XPR 7380 XPR 7350e XPR 7350 XPR 7000 XPR 6580 XPR 6550 XPR 6500 XPR 6380 XPR 6350 XPR 6300 XPR 6100 XPR 6000 XPR 3000 XPR 3000e XPR 3300 XPR 3300e XPR 3500 XPR 3500e XPR 4380
  • DGP8550 DGP8050 DGP6150 DGP5550 DGP5050 DP6150+ DP6150 DP4801EX DP4801 DP4800 DP4601 DP4600 DP4401EX DP4401 DP4400 DP4000EX DP3601 DP3600 DP3401 DP3400 DP2600 DP2400 DEP550 DEP570
  • XiR P8200 XiR P8208 XiR P8260 XiR-P8268 XiR P8600 XiR P8608 XiR P8620 XiR P8628 XiR P8660 XiR P8668

Our Company Provides High Quality Two Way Radio Accessories. Charge Chemistry: NI-CD,NI-MH,Li-ion AC POWER ADAPTER OUTPUT:14v-1.5A BASE OUTPUT:0.8A. Compatible with following models for Motorola Radios: APX4000 SRX2200 MTR2000 MTP3000 XPR3000 XPR3000e XPR3300 XPR3300e XPR3500 XPR3500e XPR4380 XPR6000 XPR6100 XPR6300 XPR6350 XPR6380 XPR6500 XPR6550 XPR6580 XPR7000 XPR7350 XPR7350e XPR7380 XPR7380e XPR7550 XPR7550e XPR7580 XPR7580e XiR-P8200 XiR-P8208 XiR-P8260 XiR-P8268 XiR-P8600 XiR-P8608 XiR-P8620 XiR8628 XiR8660 XiR-P8668 DGP5050 DGP5550 DGP6150 DGP8050 DGP8550 DP2400 DP2600 DP3400 DP3401 DP3600 DP3601 DP4000EX DP4400 DP4401 DP4401EX DP4600 DP4601 DP4800 DP4801 DP4801EX DP6150 DP6150+ DEP550 DEP570 Battery: PMNN4409 PMNN4065 PMNN4066 PMNN4069 PMNN4077 PMNN4102 PMNN4103 PMNN4262 PMNN4406 PMNN4407 PMNN4412 PMNN4424 PMNN4435 PMNN4448 PMNN4488 PMNN4490 PMNN4491 PMNN4493 PMNN4499 NNTN8128 NNTN8129 NNTN8287 NNTN8359 Customer First, Service Formost! If you have any problem with the products, please feel free to contact and you can request refund at any time.

  • Package Dimensions: 7.7 x 6.4 x 2.4 inches
  • Item Weight: 14.4 ounces
  • Shipping Weight: 14.4 ounces